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Hello everyone! I am happy to see you in here. I publish free guitar lessons, guitar and art articles for you. If you need anythink about guitar, Beginners Guitar Lessons Theory is with you!

Beginners Guitar Lessons

What you can find in my site? If you asking that; Beginners guitar lessons, beginners guitar lessons techniques, beginners guitar lessons practices exercises, beginners guitar lessons theory and music theory, easy guitar songs for beginners chords, tabs, guitar articles also art articles and more much things you can find in my site. You can take a look right now. Have a good time!

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Hello Dear Guests, I am Erol. I am preparing guitar lessons for begginers for your dear guests. Also i preparing easy guitar songs for beginners chords, tabs and easy songs lessons. And all of them free for you dear guests. I would be very happy if you visit my site frequently and write nice comments for all my efforts.By doing so, you can help me improve my site.

Beginners Guitar Lessons Theory

I've been interested in guitar for about 12 years. Also I've been playing guitar-like instruments for 15 years. I have a lot of experience and knowledge. And I'm so happy to share it with you.

My profession is teaching. I've had a lot of students this far. I taught a lot of people how to play guitar.

All my students have learned the guitar successfully. You may have a great knowledge of this subject by following my lessons, by reading my articles. All you have to do is watch my free guitar lessons for you at regular intervals. All guitar lessons are free.

See you in my free beginner guitar lessons and articles. Also you can contact with me if you need anythink. Also you can ask any question about guitar and my site to me.

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